Danielle LaPorte: Modern Spiritualist On A Mission

Let me start things off with this beautiful video:

A Credo for Making it Happen – Danielle LaPorte from Danielle LaPorte on Vimeo.

I stumbled upon Danielle LaPorte’s work by accident. It was one of those scrolling through Amazon.com, shifting through the recommended readings type of scenarios when my eyes caught a bright and bold red cover- The Firestarter Sessions. The cover was enough to pull me in (I’m a sucker for good design).

Credit card number. Shipping Address. Click. Purchase.

Two business days later, I couldn’t put the book down. Here was my first glimpse at the human side of spirituality. The book wasn’t about making you more Buddha-like, more devout, or any holier than you already were, at least not directly. Instead, it was about you.


More specifically, how to allow you to experience your best self and the best part about it was that it was one of those you can have your cake and eat it too type scenarios. It wasn’t about banishing your ego (at least not at first), it was about embracing that which was given to you, including some of those “Ooo I feel kind of slimy thinking this” kind of thoughts. Instant Power.

Fast forward and I now subscribe to her email list, follow her on Twitter, watch her Instagram and generally stalk her life as much as social media will allow. It’s not creepy because gosh darnit it’s 2013!

Danielle recently came out with The Desire Map, which is a beautifully crafted digital space and book that allows readers to pinpoint their deepest desires and in turn, go for them.

It’s all based around the idea that your all of your desires are valid and are there for a reason. Acknowledging this, Danielle says that we need to do things to fulfill these desires. Say if I want to feel confident and I know that getting a new haircut makes me feel all kind of confident and cool, then naturally, I should do it.

In a nut shell: getting the most out of life with the ultimate goal of happiness in mind.

Danielle’s work has been one of the few spiritually based readings that doesn’t send me into an existential crisis and force me to rethink the entire universe. Quite the opposite in fact. It’s given me the tools to be constructive with my life because it speaks to the human in me, not the *insert deity/energy force here* in me.

Check out this moving picture box explaining The Desire Map:

The Desire Map Trailer : Danielle LaPorte from Danielle LaPorte on Vimeo.

Positive thought for the day: Man, am I thankful for Danielle LaPorte.


2 responses to “Danielle LaPorte: Modern Spiritualist On A Mission

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  2. i agree, danielle is amazing. it’s hard not to get motivated when watching her or reading her words! spirituality can be so serious most of the time (i mean the way people present it) and it’s great to find someone who makes it FUN by helping discover our own unique creative self-expression, and celebrating that!

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